Our Bartenders

Chris Patino

The bartending game might be vast & wide but few have achieved across so many fields quite like Chris Patino. 

All of which is to say, Alley Cat strikes a very different note with how Chris's career has typically existed. Someone who has most often given back to the industry by helping others succeed, it’s a rare but deserved moment to see his own name upfront getting the credit!

A Southern Cali kid born & raised, Chris is truly the bartenders’ bartender. Don’t let those care-free long locks fool you, it's his attention to detail & unwavering focus on making sure everything with his name attached to it is of the highest quality & highest degree of fun that makes Chris a name that if you don’t already know, you should.

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Erin Hayes

A butt-kicking, whiskey slinging brand director by day & a dive bar crushing, Reznor-loving, goth queen of night after dark, Erin Hayes is the inspiring bad ass we don’t deserve.

Hospitality isn’t for everyone, but some are born to love, lead & win at it. With a career that spans everything from training-ground institutions like TGI Fridays, many high volume locations across her sprawling home city of Chicago, plenty of hours spent dispensing tropical delights & now helping lead an American Whiskey brand to global domination, Erin is someone who excels with ease across the hospitality gauntlet.

We’re honoured to have her delicious & oh so crushable Rocket Queen is part of our 2021 releases. Erin’s attention to detail when balancing as well as her love of drinks that should be enjoyed with reckless abandon meet perfectly inside this little can to create something tropical, wild & best enjoyed with loaded juke box & your favourite humans within arms reach.

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Aaron Polsky

The goodship Livewire charges into the darkness, the intro to Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” blasts from an unnecessarily tall stack of Marshall speakers mounted on the ships bow. A single, fiery light burns at the helm, illuminating the Robert Plant-esque locks of its Captain, Aaron Polsky.

With a deep love of all things rock from wailing guitars solos to shirts with less than more buttons buttoned, records labels of the music industry provided a lot of inspiration in Polsky’s move from behind the bar, wanting to create a brand that worked as hard as any A&R exec to help shine a light on the talented drink makers of our world.

Far from being done mixing a drink himself, Aarons own creative brilliance is on display in the form of Heartbreaker & Golden God, both odes to making the wildest of nights, even more delicious.

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